I've completed 2 sessions already in this group with Kelz. I can already feel the transformation! I am asleep when the sessions happen and I wake up just after feeling an amazing sensation of calmness over me. What I have focused on on the session is working. I look forward to the next one xx

Soul Hug Distance Reiki Healing Group Bliss Experience

Natalie Sowersby, Sydney, Australia - April, 2017

Thank you so much Kelley Morrison!! Wonderful experience. Wonderful healing. Perfect to follow a huge release I had this morning.   I meditated during the session. It was amazing!! Also, I received a vision, among many others, of the words "One Love" within a lovely, vivacious painting.  Love that you ended with the Reiki Ideals.  Team TLC just repeated them out loud three times. So so so much love!!! xoxo

Thomas says it was good! Then he he says, "How do you explain something that's inexplicable?" 

Lillian says it was great!

Soul Hug Distance Reiki Healing

Team TLC - Camilla, Thomas and Lillian of Reno, Nevada - February, 2017

Thank You Kelley From Tranquil Life, Kelz Morrison for the amazing distance Reiki Healing, Chakra Alignment and Card Reading today!

You're such a loving clear channel for healing and you can really feel that you have the purest intentions with your work

Feeling so gooooddd :)

#selflove #selfnurture #reiki #healing

Soul Hug Distance Reiki Healing

Jessica Reid, A Global Clairvoyant, Channel & Purpose Fulfilment Coach - February, 2017

Hi Kelley;)

Yes, yesterday when reading that you will send Reiki energy to us and me being one of us meant a lot to me and made me very happy and like peace came over me. I then later wrote down my intentions had my mindfulness and prayer and woke up this morning, dashed to work and had a surprisingly, fun day and got on with my colleagues we laughed together and it was so nice to have my colleague tell me out of the blue that he likes my positivity and happiness.  I suppose all the goodness was radiating out of me;) Just very thankful to you Kelley and not only me but I'm sure many people feel the very same way too. I pray and believe our connection grows and grows in light, peace and love💜💜💜

Distance Reiki Healing

Carl Neumann, Austria, November 2016

Heading into my reiki appointment with Kelley, I wasn't sure what to expect for my first "professional" reiki experience. The first thing I noticed is that her space felt very soft and clear. Nothing but good energy in that little room!  Kelley made this experience personalized to my needs, as I asked her to help me to clear blockages in my throat chakra. The music, smells, and comfy table all helped settle me into the experience. The treatment was extremely peaceful and before I knew it, I was coming back to reality. After a short and sweet debrief, I left the office and went about my day feeling the most grounded I had felt in a long time. I found great peace and deep medicine within this practice and was so grateful to be so centered and grounded while running a bunch of errands in Reno. 'Tranquil Life' is exactly how I felt after my appointment with Kelley. I will be back the next time I'm in Mid Town! 


Reno, Nevada - August 2016

This was my first Reiki session and it was a very relaxing experience and literally feeling the energy was very cool!  It was a wonderful experience.


Reno, Nevada - August 2016

I had the pleasure of a Reiki session with Kelley today.  She is a great asset to the community.  She is intuitive and makes you feel very comfortable.  I felt relaxed and grounded, gave me a little relief from the world around for a moment in time and I enjoyed that.  Good luck with your venture Kelley, I am sure you will attract who and what you need, the universe will provide.


Reno, Nevada - July 2016

Kelley, thank you so much for the wonderful session today! As I learn more about Reiki, I can see that when my energy is more balanced and accessible (as it becomes when you work with me) I manage and use my own skills more productively and powerfully; and the very cool thing is this happens both consciously and unconsciously. So healing is better, thinking and tasks are more streamlined, my spiritual alignment is more connected and flowing. My own work is improved by my increased attention and sensitivity. Your energy, heat and purity come through your work so strongly. I look forward to our continued explorations together. 


Reno, Nevada - June 2016

I have had 3 reiki sessions with Kelley, and each time she was extremely professional.  I always feel extremely relaxed and focused after the sessions.   Kelley was also able to help with some pain I was experiencing in my lower back, as well as in my ankle.  Looking forward to more Reiki sessions with Kelley! 


Reno, Nevada - April 2016

After having an in person Reiki session with Kelley whilst she was in New Zealand, I felt energised and relaxed at the same time.  It was amazing.  I definitely felt a difference in the way I felt afterwards.  Then a few weeks later we tried distance Reiki after finding out I was pregnant and having trouble sleeping.  Kelley worked her magic again, and from so far away!  Kelley has a very calm and warming energy about her and makes you feel very comfortable and at ease!  I only wish I lived closer, so that I could have the in person sessions all the time!  I would definitely recommend Kelley for any issues you may have, whether they be physical, mental or spiritual, as she definitely can help.


New Zealand - March 2016

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