Make Today a Happy Day...repeat daily :)

Wanna make today a happy day???????

I hear ya! Me too!!!!... so here's some tips for ways that you can create your own happy day:

Cheeky wink

1. Set your intentions for the day as soon as you wake up! - when your sleepy eyes first open, take a moment to set an intention. What do you want from the day? How do you want to feel?

2. Let go of the dumb stuff. - make a vow "today, no person, place or thing can irritate or annoy me. I choose to be at peace". I actually have this on a post it on my fridge!! I totes take a look at it about a bazillion times a day sometimes.. but it works.

3. Smile at everyone you come into contact with. - even if it's fake it to make it... You'll find soon enough that it feels real, especially when you're sharing the happiness with others as you smile at them, because you never know it could be just the thing they needed to really make their day!

4. Appreciate the little things. - enjoy the smell of your morning coffee as you take that first sip. Give yourself a cheeky grin and a salute to your awesomeness as you brush your teeth. Give an extra hug to a loved one or cuddle with your pet.

5. Treat yourself!!!!!!! - gift your rad self something... anything! It could be something big like a facial or massage or the gift of time to read a book or meditate or heck a candy bar for just BEing!!! By simply offering yourself something you are in self-care mode which is happiness on a stick!

6. Surround yourself with totally rad, happy people! - happiness is contagious so find a tribe with a rad unicorn goddess happy vibe (or similar lol) and enjoy the moments together and share in all the joy of truly living life!

7. Say thank you! - have an attitude of gratitude and appreciate the heck out of the people around you. You cannot over appreciate so go for it.. Say thank you to your friends, kids, the post man, bus driver, security guard, check out person... Gratitude will only strengthen your heart and it will also make someone else's day too! 💞

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