Treat Your Rad-Self Right!

Looking after ourselves should be our number one priority... but for a lot of us, this feels like going against our belief system - whereby we've been programmed by life and circumstance that we should put others first.. always...and that anything else is just egotistical... Well I'm calling BS on that!!!

We deserve THE BEST out of life. We DESERVE to feel joy and to BE happy... Not just occasionally, but ALL THE time!!!

And ultimately being oh-so-good to yourself shows the world just how you should be treated. So next time you find yourself putting your rad, awesome, one-of-a-kind self down... Stop and ask yourself... would I want someone else treating me this way? HECK TO THE NO!

You deserve the best baby!! So start by giving yourself the best: the best advice, the best words of encouragement, the best smiles in the mirror, the best food, the best exercise routine (and make it something you love, try yoga or walking in nature if the gym ain't your thang), and lots of cup-o-love tea!! You totes deserve to be the happiest camper out's your divine right!

And when you feel this, I mean truly feel deserving ... Then magic happens.. I shit you not! We put out into the universe all this radness and it comes back at us ten-fold... others feel it and will gravitate to you with their awesomeness and then BOOM 🎉it's magic to the power of infinity!

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