"She Mentions Intentions"

Do you know something wonderful you can do to create a happy day? Intention setting, which is all about what you think and what you say. It is the little or big things you want to achieve. It is something to aim for, or a purpose you may believe.

Kelley Morrison, writer

- this is the first paragraph from my children's book, "She Mentions Intentions", that I have submitted to the Hay House Writer's Workshop competition.

“She Mentions Intentions” is an endearing story designed to empower children to create their own happiness and to trust in themselves, while also giving them the reassurance that they are supported by their parent’s/caregiver’s and can be helped by their angels too.

As a parent, I taught my three wonderful kids how to set heartfelt intentions at the start of every day. I have watched them blossom and grow from their experiences, and I see the delight in their faces, as they recount how their intentions create a happy experience for themselves and others.

I wrote this book as a guide to teach other children, along with guidance from their parent’s/caregiver’s. It also encourages discussion about souls, angels and spirituality - something that we could all benefit from.

What are your intentions for today? for this holiday "silly" season?

Happy holidays everyone!

Love and light,



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