The Student becomes the Teacher

Kelz Morrison, Reiki Master

What makes you thankful? For me, amongst a lot of other things, is Reiki. I have had a mostly blessed life with the usual tough times thrown in (death of loved ones, divorce etc) but I am so thankful for all that Reiki has let in; more creativity (finally trusting in myself to write a children's book), new friends (wonderfully spiritually-minded peeps), confidence (well here I am!!), healing (at a continual mental, emotional and physical level), self-love (I know I am awesome 😉 ) and so much more...

I have been practicing Reiki since January of this year and on 9/11 I will be teaching my first student - to Level I certification!!!!!!!!! (there are not enough exclamation points to visualize how excited I am about this). This is something a year ago I could never have imagined. Now through the love and guidance of my Reiki Master, Denise Sheehan and the wisdom of Reiki, I feel confident enough to teach Reiki. What an honor!

We will always be learning from Reiki and this is the emphasis when I begin my teaching of this ancient self-healing art form to my student (I have a student...whoop whoop) this Sunday. I am challenging myself with this task, but it is one built with passion and bliss, so I know that it will go exactly as it should and I am going to be a student on the day too...always learning.

So, wonderful beautiful souls, that is my wee note for now. be continued...

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