Empowering dreams and goals with Reiki!

Kelz & Doreen Virtue (with Precious in dog carrier)

This is me in Maui with Doreen Virtue...OMG even typing this makes me excited! What an adventure! What an experience! I have just come back from Maui, where I attended the Hay House Writer's Workshop.

My participation in such an event wouldn't have been possible without Reiki. Through Reiki I met someone who encouraged me to go and do this!! And through Reiki I focussed on that possibility and held the intent (and sent a lot of Reiki) that I would have the ability to go to the Workshop....and it worked! Reiki really can empower dreams and goals!!

I have always had a passion for writing, it's probably in my blood as my Dad was a Sub-Editor for a newspaper his whole adult life. And I have been writing in diaries (journalling for my US friends) since I was a very young girl and I still do to this day! When I first started solo traveling and lived in London, I would travel and write long emails about my experiences to send out to family and friends back home in NZ. It is a wonderful release and a great way to remember key experiences and facts that my brain may not remember accurately on its own.

But back to the photo...ever since I discovered Doreen Virtue, lovingly nicknamed the "angel lady", and all of her books and oracle cards about Angels (and more), I have wanted to meet her...she just seemed like an awesomely open and mega brave lady. I didn't really know of anyone so openly talking about angels, at the time I first discovered her work. I have always believed in earth angels, you know, departed loved ones that come and visit with us or watch over us when we need them to. My brother Scotty is one such earth angel. He left us too soon at age 2, when I was 12. I have continued to have a relationship with him, albeit in a different way, ever since. I talk to him a lot and he is adoringly referred to as "my parking angel" as he helps me every single time I ask him for a good car park, even when places are packed. Thank you for that Scotty, I know I tell you often, but I also know you would be chuffed that I am writing this publicly!!! So, I have had relationships with earth angels for a long time, but I didn't really understand a connection to THE angels, Archangels etc and it was through Doreen Virtue that I found out more about them and that they can also be of assistance - helping us when we are in need, just like my brother Scotty. And it all ties in with the way I use Reiki energy. I call on Reiki energy and guidance from THE angels at every session I do. They are here to help us all, but they need to be asked for help...ya know free will and all!

I have learned so much through D.V, so when I had the opportunity to meet her I was a little star struck!! I waited in line to get her children's book signed, "Thank you, Angels" co-authored with Kristina Tracy and when it was my turn I asked her if she wouldn't mind signing it for my kids. I was a little embarrassed as there was a long queue (line) and everyone was just getting one name written down and then her autograph. But she just looked at me and smiled and said "of course". So she wrote Isla, Ava and Jack's names and she mentioned that Ava was a name in the Hay House family and we talked about how I chose it...named after Ava Gardner, the American film actress and singer as I thought she was stunning. After she had signed the book, I said thank you and then she looked back at me and asked if I would like something signed for myself and she saw the Butterfly Oracle deck of cards in my hand, and I said "oh no thats ok, theres a lot of people waiting". She told me thats fine, to just stand to the side and open the deck (it was wrapped in plastic) and she would be happy to sign it for me and I wouldn't have to wait back in the line, that I could just jump in again. So, I did that..I admit I felt overwhelmed with gratitude and felt a tad cheeky keeping her waiting...but she did ask! I opened the deck and caught the eye of her assistant Mollie, who told me that she would be taking photos soon and to wait, but Doreen said, no no come on over. I said thank you so much, this is so kind of you...and she signed my name just as I wanted it...Kelz. Lovely lovely lady!!

And now I have the opportunity to really get creative and I intend to use Reiki for this too! Attending the Hay House Writer's Workshop has given me the opportunity to submit either a book proposal or a full length children's book for the chance to win a $10,000 advance and publishing contract with Hay House. Well wouldn't that be awesome!**

Reiki on everyone! My wish is that Reiki can empower your dreams and goals too!

Love and blessings,

Kelz, RMP

**as an addendum - I didn't win the publishing contract, but I am proud that I entered and wrote a full book proposal! I am setting my goal now for self-publishing!!!

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