Tranquil Life has a new office space in Midtown opening!

I have some very exciting news, I have a new office space in Midtown (Reno) opening mid June! It is located at a prime spot on California Ave. I have been busy painting (with help from my amazing hubby...ok he did most of the painting, but I helped tape and do retouches!) and decorating, with decor/layout ideas and expert advice from one amazing talent - Jaime Doolittle, Interior Decorator (Sparkling Pine).

This transition from my home office was inspired by my desire to be more accessible to clients. I love my home office in the mountains and trees, and I will still be offering my services from that incredibly scenic spot, but this new space will open up options for me to connect with clients who find the distance too far to travel...and I have to admit that being near Great Full Gardens, The Cheese Board (right across the road!), Sundance books and all the other small businesses in Midtown will be AMAZING!!

As the office space gets closer to completion, I will be posting more information, so please keep an eye out for updates!

Love and blessings,

Kelz, RMT

Tranquil Life

Sneak peek of new office...walls painted a tranquil gray.

Sneak peek..walls painted a tranquil gray.

Home office in the trees.

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