What I Can Do

Living a Tranquil Life is my goal, and if it is yours too, then I can use Reiki to assist in restoring the calm back into your life by giving  you personalized Reiki sessions.  

The main benefit of Reiki is that it promotes self-healing on a physical, mental and emotional level.


Reiki is wonderful as it has so many other uses.  In fact, Reiki is such a versatile tool it can be used for absolutely anything.  I have personally used Reiki for many different situations  -  from healing my own sunburn (ouch) to helping me find something that I have lost!


Here's a very short list of other situations that Reiki can be used for:

Animals:   Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive way to treat your beloved pets or even wild animals.

Reiki can be administered to animals via the "laying-on-of-hands” technique or through the distance Reiki method. Distance Reiki is recommended for large, wild or injured animals.

Buying and Selling Homes:  Reiki can be used to clear out energy in your home and raise the vibration to attract a buyer.

More information:

I clear the energy in the home once at the actual location, after that I continue to clear the energy from a distance.  See the cost for "Space/Energy Clearing" in the pricing section.


Gardening:  Sending Reiki energy to seeds or seedlings before they are planted will help them grow.  As well as sending Reiki to established plants to help them grow.


Relationships:  Reiki can be used to heal fractured relationships.  It can help bring friends or family members closer and create a more trusting, open hearted acceptance of one another.


Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth:  Women who have had fertility problems have used Reiki to increase their fertility and to conceive.  Reiki can also be used throughout a pregnancy to add to the health and well-being of mother and child.  And during childbirth, Reiki can be given to reduce or even eliminate pain, help all the psychological processes work more easily, and add energy that will help the mother to give birth.


Sports and Exercise Injuries:  Sprains and sore or pulled muscles respond quickly to Reiki, when Reiki is applied immediately.  This is because the injury is new and the injury pattern hasn't had the chance to spread throughout the physical or energetic system yet.  By applying Reiki right away, quick healing can take place.


Computers and Electronic Equipment:  If you have trouble with your computer, printer, phone or any electronic equipment, Reiki can be given to help fix the issue.


Learning and Studying:  Reiki can help improve the comprehension and retention of information that is being studied and can make studying more interesting and enjoyable, as stress is reduced.


Creativity and Problem Solving:  If you're working on a creative project, or responsible for finding solutions to problems, giving Reiki to the project or situation can open your mind to new levels of awareness that contain better ideas and ways to deal with what you are working on.


These are just a few of the many ways that Reiki can be used to enhance anyone's quality of life.


I offer private sessions from my home office, a mobile service where I come to you (outcalls) and distance sessions. Please call me on +1 775 527 0409 or send an email to me at and we can discuss the best Reiki treatment for you.


Emotional and Mental

  • Relaxes the body and mind

  • Promotes feelings of calmness and well-being

  • Relieves stress

  • Encourages emotional release

  • Helps unlock suppressed feelings

  • Soothes emotional distress

  • Promotes a peaceful and positive outlook

  • Eases aches and pains of all types

  • Relaxes muscles and tension

  • Increases energy

  • Relieves fatigue

  • Strengthens natural self-healing processes

  • Promotes sleep

  • Aids Relaxation

  • Improves Sleep

  • Soothes Digestion

  • Clears toxins

  • Balances energies​