Private Sessions

Private sessions are offered in-person from my home office in Northwest Reno.  All sessions will have an additional 5-10 minute consultation time before your Reiki session begins and a 5-10 minute wisdom sharing after your session ends.  

-   Please ask about my Teacher and Veterans discounts.

(all prices are in US Dollars)


Please call/text me on +1 775 527 0409 or via email at to schedule your session.

30 minute Reiki Session only


- recommended for children

30 Minute Reiki Session plus chakra balancing and card reading (approx 60 mins total)


60 Minute Reiki Session plus chakra balancing and card reading (approx 90 mins total)



I look forward to sharing some soul hug Reiki with you.  Please connect with me via Facebook if you have any questions.  

Love and light, Kelz 🙏🏻💗🙏🏻 

Package price for 3 

30 Minute Sessions


Package price for 3 Full

30 Minute Sessions


Package price for 3 Full

60 Minute Sessons


Space/Energy Clearing

Reiki can be used to clear negative energy from the rooms of your home/office and lighten up the energy. Performing Reiki on a space will make a big difference in how you feel being in the room. It will be healthier, and more inviting. You’ll be able to relax more easily, have a better time and so will your guests/clients. If you’re working on a project in the room, you’ll be more productive, creative and effective with your work. The process can really improve the quality of your parties, meetings and social gatherings, and will work wonders if you have a fitness/meditation room too. Most people spend a lot of time in their homes/offices, so it’s important to take good care of your home's/office's energy.  

Space/Energy clearing is a great idea if you are trying to sell your home, as it can raise the vibration to attract a buyer.

Please call/text me on +1 775 527 0409 or via email at to schedule your session.

One in-person session at your space (up to 90 mins)


1 Distance Reiki session (15 mins)


Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki is a technique that enables the sending of Reiki energy to anyone, anywhere, at any time, including in the past and in the future.  Using this technique enables me to send a full Reiki treatment with exactly the same effect as if I were carrying out a hands-on treatment in person.  During these sessions we focus on how best to bring balance back to your life and I guide you further on your self-care journey.  


All sessions include chakra balancing, wisdom sharing, self-care guidance and a card reading (various Oracle and Tarot card decks used).  

Distance sessions are offered via phone, Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger video or FaceTime.  

Please call/text me on +1 775 527 0409 or via email at to schedule your session.

Distance Reiki Session

- includes 30 mins of Reiki plus chakra balancing, soul guidance and card reading  

(up to 90 mins total)


Animal Reiki

30 min In Person Reiki Session 


Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive way to treat your beloved pets or even wild animals.  Reiki can be administered to animals via the "laying-on-of-hands” technique or through the distance Reiki method. Distance Reiki is recommended for large, wild or injured animals.

I offer in person sessions (within a 10 mile radius of my home office) and distance sessions. Both work equally as effectively.  Distance Reiki can be more suitable for nervous, very ill or large animals.   Please call me on +1 775 527 0409, or send an enquiry email to and we can discuss the best Reiki method.

(all prices are in US Dollars)

30 min Distance Reiki Session


Reiki Certification Training

Learn about Reiki, a spiritually guided "universal life force" energy that has been used successfully all over the world to heal emotional, physical and energetic imbalances.  In the courses offered you will learn how to perform Reiki on yourself and others.

I offer in person certification training, either one on one, or as a group weekend workshop, as well as online training via Skype or Zoom.  Please call me on +1 775 527 0409, or send me an enquiry email to and we can discuss the best Reiki training for you.

(all prices are in US Dollars)

Master Teacher 

certification $555

Level I

certification $222

Level II certification $333

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