Since its inception, Tranquil Life
has been focused on sharing the Reiki experience with one and all.

Thank you for visiting my website and for reading more about what Reiki is all about and who I am.   Tranquil Life is my business, and I am Kelley (Kelz) Morrison - Reiki Practitioner, Self Care Guide and Mum (I am a kiwi and cannot ever seem to write Mom!) of three wonderful kids.  They were my first "clients" and have a love for Reiki that made me fully realize the potential in sharing Reiki with everyone I come into contact with.  

I have experienced the benefits of Reiki firsthand - better sleep, reduced sunburn pain, migraine headaches healed, finding lost items and rediscovering my inner calm -   but I was at first skeptical about what it was all about  You see, in my early years of employment, I had a very traditional office background - in HR, Travel Consultancy, Event Organizing and Professional Organizing - and hadn't even heard of Reiki until moving to the US in 2012.


I will back track a few years, to 2009 - when I had my first baby.  Since having children, the want and need to be a working stay-at-home Mum became my focus and I worked as a home-based Travel Consultant.  I did this for several years in New Zealand and then when my family and I moved to the States, I brought my business with me.  I continued with my NZ-based clients for over a year, until the time difference proved too much and I was inspired to start a Professional Organizing business after helping some family members and friends with their own home organizing.   I love organizing, but helping people has always been my joy.  


So, how does Reiki fit in, you might ask?  Well to be honest, it took me by surprise.  When I was first introduced to Reiki, I admit I had no idea what I was going to experience, and actually that was a great thing, as being a "newbie" allowed me to soak in all the tradition and history of this most wonderful of healing techniques.  The practical application of Reiki however, is what really got me excited and put the thought in my head to re-focus my business.  That I could help others to increase their self-healing abilities, and myself too, seemed to me, the ultimate - my dream job!  So here I am, wonderfully trained as a Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner by Denise L. Sheehan of Sage Spirit Coaching and Reiki, and sharing "The Reiki Way" with as many as are open to the idea.

Tranquil Life's Mission:

To bring Reiki into the mainstream, while maintaining the integrity and history of this ancient self-healing art form.

    Kelley Morrison
    Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner
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    Originally from New Zealand, I moved to Reno, Nevada in January 2012.

    I love the saying "follow your bliss", and my Reiki practice certainly allows me to do that.  I welcome newcomers to experience Reiki firsthand and I would love to continue giving Reiki to those of you who have already had a session.

    Teaching Reiki is such a fulfilling endeavor and my goal is to share Reiki with whole families, especially children, so that from a young age they can experience the many benefits, just like my own kids have.


    I have taught my eldest two kids to level I Reiki, and have witnessed their empathy grow, their patience increase, they now have a better ability to regulate their own emotions and are empowered to self-heal from illness at a much faster rate.  Intentions are a major component to Reiki, and I introduced intention setting to them as a fun exercise each morning.  It leaves them grinning as they walk out the door!  I was inspired by their enthusiasm to write their experiences as a children's story -  entitled "She Mentions Intentions".  My goal is to self-publish this story and encourage other families to try intention setting as a daily family activity.  Click here if you would like to read a snippet of my story.

    Love and light,


    Sharing and receiving Reiki is like giving your soul a hug! 💞